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TARSENS R&D Founded by Celil Serhan TEZCAN & His family. TARSENS is here to tackle the most complex challenges in agricultural production with complex Artificial Intelligence Systems.

Tarsens - Collecting Data with Our Caterpillar Xs for Yield Estimator
Tarsens - depthview
Tarsens - Bursa Tarım Fuarı 2021 supercut
Tarsens - UGV for Yield Estimator
Tarsens - Echo test 1 2 3
Tarsens - MeyveSayar 240kare_sn'nin gerçek zamana yavaşlatılmış tespit testi
Tarsens - #LIDAR #Counting
Tarsens - kiwi counting
Tarsens - Orchard Yield Estimation - Tree Classification Based on Blooming Level
Tarsens - 2022 Embedded Vision Summit - Vision Tank
Tarsens - #vineyard #esca #detection
Tarsens - Vertical Crop Bunch Counting Right Camera
Tarsens - Yapay Zeka ile Arttırılmış Farkındalık
Tarsens - Apple Detection Short
Tarsens - Some Rotating Bunches
Tarsens - up to 98% accuracy vineyard yield estimation! #vineyard #yieldestimator (H)
Tarsens - NSW DPI Spring Vine Health Field Day 2021 - YieldEstimator
Tarsens - Rotary Tarım 4.0 Yolunda - Tarım 4
Tarsens - BANÜ Öğrencilerine Tübitak 1512 Proje Süreci Anlatımı 20211221
Tarsens - Yapay Zekayla Bağlardaki Rekolte Ölçüldü
Tarsens - Yield Estimator NEW PRODUCT
TRAI MeetUp #17 - Tarımı Geleceğe Hazırlamak
Tarsens - Tarımda Yapay Zeka Uygulamaları 20201008 - Bandırma Onyedi Eylül Üniversitesi
Tarımda Yapay Zeka Kullanımı _ Tarımsal Teknoloji - Agro TV
Tarımda İnsansız Hava Araçları Kullanımı _ Tarımsal Teknoloji - Agro TV
Tarsens - Yield Estimator VAN_SUV Version
Tarsens - Gelişen Dünya Teknolojileri - Tarım Teknolojileri
Tarımda İnsansız Kara ve Hava Aracı Kullanımı _ Tarımsal Teknoloji - Agro TV
Tarsens - 20 in 1 Universal Grape Bunch Counter
TRAI Meet-Up GAP Tarım Gıda ve Yapay Zeka
Tarsens - Better than scientific replication rate

Success is not randomly distributed, it is 99% hardwork, 1% luck.


August 2017 - Present

Agricultural Intelligence startup with a vision of solving problems with AI at the Edge systems. 

● Worked with one of the biggest chemical fertilizer producers in Turkey, Toros Tarim about precision agriculture UAV & Satellite monitoring.

● Got invited to Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (Abu Dhabi, Feb. 2017)

o Listed on UAE Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority Page 

● Got invited to Masdar City, Catalyst program, startup pitch (Abu Dhabi, May. 2017)

● Got invited to Agritech Summit, Nikkei Inc. startup pitch (Tokyo, Jun. 2017)

o Listed on 

● Prepared recommendations and gave speeches for how farming should be in the future for Turkish Time, Bahcesehir University and Konya Food and Agriculture University.

o Bahcesehir Report Link (Turkish) 

o Konya Food and Agriculture University New Link (Turkish) 

● Developed most advanced yield estimation system for vineyards, with 99.778% accuracy

● Developed lake surface area calculating system with accuracy of 99.6% using a few terabytes of satellite imagery from Landsat & Sentinel satellites 

● Developed Generative Adversarial Networks for Remote Sensing 

● Worked with Raimat of Corodniu Raventos with Yield Estimator

o Had tens of field and remote demonstrations worldwide 

● In Act In Space (Airbus Backed Remote Sensing Project Competition, 3rd place) (link) 

● Had TV Appearances on Agricultural Technology, Agro TV, 3 Episodes (links, Turkish)

o Utilization of Unmanned Land and Air Vehicles in Agriculture 

o Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Agriculture 

o Use of Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture 

● Yield Estimator Presentation to Australia New South Wales Department of Primary Industries Spring Vine Health Field Day 2021 

● Meet-Up presentation about Agricultural Technologies (Turkish) 

● Developing World Technologies (Turkish) 

● Meet-Up Agriculture, Food and Artificial Intelligence (Turkish) 

● YieldEstimator publication on all news channels in Turkey (list) 

Been Member of;

● Nvidia Inception for AI Startups 

● Microsoft BizSpark 

● AI Initiative of Turkey

● IoTxTR (IoT Startups of Turkey) 

● KokProjekt (Agriculture Startups of Turkey)

● Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program 

YieldEstimator / MeyveSayar in Press (Turkish Media)

Other Personal, Corporate and Media Blog Posts.

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