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Solving Overheating Issue

Our AI at the Edge system for YieldEstimator costs between $20K to $60K. The main reason is the chip and talent shortage in AgriTech. It is a defense level hardware and defense sector level software put into work to be precise and accurate even at field conditions.

​We know that agriculture is not a profitable business and you want to have your yields calculated at any given period of vintage. That is why, to make it work, we use action cameras. These cameras are designed to capture 1 to 2 minutes of videos each time. Using them for an extended period of time makes them overheat and impossible to touch. That is why we acquire most of them, test what we can do about it and publish these pages if you want to use action cameras for your operations.

Today, the best option you can use is GoPro Hero 9 or DJI Osmo Action camera.

Both cameras above and other cameras, such as GoPro Hero 10 black and DJI Action 2 overheats too. To solve that problem, we recommend using active blower type fans to keep them at steady 40C or 100F.

If you are on a tractor with no 12V power output / lighter, then we recommend you to use a 20000mAh power bank with dual USB Output. One for Fan another for Action Camera. The cable you are going to use must be within Power Deliver (PD) specs. If you can't find PD cables, you can opt in for Quick Charge (QC) cables.

According to our tests, 4K 60fps Hypersmooth, Wide, single back LCD recording GoPro consumes 5V@1A and if you use 20000mAh@3.6V that equals 11 hours of recording time. We recommend you to use a fast Micro SD Card, preferably Samsung 128GB, 256GB or 512GB.

Your overall investment to scan one side of the row with;

GoPro Hero 10 Black with GPS* - $500

256GB Micro SD - $50

20000mAh Powerbank** - $50

Type C PD Cable - $20

5V Centrifugal 50*50*15 MM Fan*** - $5

Holder, mount, others**** - $25

= $650

DJI Osmo Action***** - $350

512GB Micro SD****** - $100*

20000mAh Powerbank - $50

Type C PD Cable - $20

5V Centrifugal 50*50*15 MM Fan - $5

3D Printed parts******* - $50

= $600


*GPS can be enabled from menu.

**you can opt in for 10000mAh but 20000mAh recommended.

***3D Printer part, cheap and widely available

****Hero 10 Has internal mount points but do not overload the cable with fan, make sure to ziptie the fan to the camera body.

*****DJI OA does not have GPS

******DJI uses less compression and that is why the size of videos are larger compared to GoPro.

*******DJI OA does not have internal mounting points that is why it needs 3D Printed case. It can record upside down.

Ideas for GoPro

Ideas for DJI

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