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Just send a video :)

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With a new processing engine under the hood of YieldEstimator, the Excellent Accuracy counting system, now you are able to send videos from many devices to get some results.

For excellent results, a GoPro Hero 10/11 recommended.

Other verified devices;

  • Android smartphone released after 2020

    • it requires a free apk to be installed, after installation, you can capture videos with GPS logging and send both files to us, to learn how to, contact

  • 70mai Pro Plus GPS enabled Car DVR Camera with Lens Modification.

  • iOS devices released after 2020

    • after enabling GPS and iyou start and stop recording in the start and beginning of the each row, it is possible to get some results.

Click each logo to see compatible devices.

YieldEstimator = YE, ViTiMAP = VM

GoPro Hero 10/11 compatible with YE & VM

Android devices compatible with YE & VM with specific apk

70mai pro plus compatible after a modification and only with VM due to 30fps

iOS devices compatible with YE only due to no GPS

Videos must look like below.

GoPro is built like a tank, in one of our experiments, a camera detached from the vehicle, we have driven over it and it was still working. You can't do it with a phone.


Excellent Results


Good Results


Normal Results


Some Results

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