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Quantifiable Applications

All vineyards have their unique challenges. Luckily, the raw data from vineyards includes many hidden solutions.


Some of the things we can extract from unprocessed GoPro Hero 8, 9, 10 GPS Enabled videos are;

  • Buds counting

    • Viticulture experts can guess the yield from buds, we salute you.

  • Shoot/Cane counting

    • Crowded vineyards can reduce quality of berries, counting shoots and having an idea about where to reduce their count is a must have.

  • Flower counting

  • Missing vine count

  • Dead vine count

  • Irrigation to buds or bunches relation

    • On irrigated vineyards the drip irrigation nozzles can get clogged or the pressure can drop till the end of the hoses. This counting system can identify the range of bunch counts on row basis and provide you results to check out the problems.

  • Pruning/Thinning Quality

    • If you hire people to do this job, it is a verification system that they provided a good service or not. For this thinning quality detection, we need before and after videos and we overlay the results of in which locations they made more or less thinning.

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Irrigation to bunches relation

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