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ViTiMAP is our latest feature to make you geo-locate individual bunch clusters in your vineyards, fruits in your orchards or yield derivations in your fields. It can be used to detect and track diseases and pests as well.


All you need a GoPro Action Camera or 70MAI Pro Plus* & Google Earth/QField compatible smart Phone/Tablet to verify in the field when you need to.

Learn how-to send videos here.


United States

Italy 1


Italy 2


Italy 3

*70MAI Pro Plus is not compatible with YieldEstimator and won't have the same GPS accuracy as GoPro. It is a more affordable solution to utilize ViTiMAP.

GoPro Hero 10 is $399

70MAI Pro Plus is $69

Not affiliated amazon links.

Videos, as usual, must be captured as the YieldEstimator style. Cameras must be facing Vineyard directly. See Send A Video page for more information.

It is possible to use rear camera add on of 70 MAI Pro Plus to capture one row's back and another's front simultaneously.

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