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For best results,

a capture kit is recommended

  • Selected Action Camera for your operations,

    • GoPro 10 or 11

  • 512 GB MicroSD Card

  • High Quality Type C cable

  • High Capacity Powerbank

  • Car Charger

  • Vehicle* Attachment Kit

    • Glass or chassis mount

  • Instruction Manual

    • FTP Access username & password

These images are temporary, they can change with the available stock.

You can DIY this kit yourself as well, but if problems occur it is not our responsibility to troubleshoot.

FTP is limited to 512GB per usage, which is enough for 4 days / 16hours / 100 hectares of video capture.

*High vibration vehicles like scooters or tractors require clamp mount, car/jeep will do with glass mount

How to Capture & Send Videos

What makes our system is the best in the world?


All vineyards are unique to their size, age, variety, training and other variations and styles depending on the hobby or corporate production techniques.


That is why we have thousands of AI models for each unique vineyard to always reach beyond a particular accuracy level never dreamed before.

The main reason why there are no papers about it is exactly this. This page is a solid statement of our detection abilities. We have demonstrated this technology worldwide and reached an accuracy level up to 99.778%. This is possible because machines do not get tired like people do and they hit similar numbers  even at a different speed, different camera settings and different field of view each time.

So rather than reading a paper about our technology, why not send a video of the row in your vineyard that you know the exact number. In our calculations, it will take 2-3 hours to count all of the bunches in any row but in our case, if you capture video in 3 minutes, our results will be provided in 3 minutes. This is the page for your videos, you can capture the videos as described below.

True era of AI in Agriculture has begun.

(click underlined words to watch videos or visit pages)

If you want to provide this as a service, contact


vineyard, tractor, camera.jpg

If you have a referral code for Free-Remote-Demo, please enter the code under this page "Contact YieldEstimator" "any questions & comments box" for processing. If you don't have the code, you need to book a call with us first.

We do not process videos from whatsapp or any other programs with high-video compression. Our system is compatible with unprocessed videos from Action Cameras but we can make do with iPhone videos as well. You can share your iPhone videos from iCloud as links and you can share GoPro videos from GoPro Subscription if you have a Cloud Service.

Before going to field make sure you have either a supported phone or an action camera;

  • Phone

    • iPhone SE 2020, SE 2022, 11, 12, 13, 14

      • Pro, Max models are compatible

      • All iPad Pro models are compatible

        • On all Apple devices, copying videos to your PC is a painful experience. It is better to upload captured videos to your iCloud and share video file with a link.

    • Android

      • Most flagship android devices released after 2020 are compatible. The list is long but, in a nutshell, if it has more than 3 cameras in the back, it might be preferably a compatible device.

  • Action camera

    • Make sure to read your camera's User Manual cover to cover. There are a lot of differences between cameras and we can not provide technical support for problems you encounter.

    • These cameras are highly compact and "short duration" recording cameras and they tend to overheat in prolonged usage. When they heat up, if you use cheap SD cards they corrupt recordings. That is why it is best to have 2 cameras on both sides of the vehicle and use recommended SD cards with them, as explained below.

    • Recommended: GoPro Hero 10, 11 Black

      • Must enable HyperSmooth setting.

      • Must disable Flat color profile. We need to have contrast & color to process videos.

      • You can sync two Hero 10, 11 cameras with same remote

      • Since you can sync multiple cameras on GoPro, we highly recommend them if you are going to scan two rows at the same time. As a common vineyard practice, one side of the rows are covered with leaves for protecting bunches from direct sunlight. If you are doing this operation after veraison and before a week or two from harvest, you can use 2 cameras to reduce amount of time to collect data.

    • DJI Osmo Action (1st version) you can still use it.

      • We're aware of the DJI Action's overheating and there is nothing we can do about it. You can increase the temp limit or you can opt in for GoPro Hero 10/11 Black (almost 2x price but it overheats after some duration too). For long term usage, you can attach a fan next to your camera with high-airflow but low vibration. Some centrifugal blower type fan from DELTA would work nicely.

      • A more affordable option but it overheats.

      • Must disable Cinelike color profile.

      • Must enable Rock Steady setting

    • DJI Action 2

      • Camera connects via magnetic connector, if you are going to attach camera to your vehicle with a tripod mound magnetic adapter, make sure to zip tie the camera across the holder. With excessive vibration of tractor or ATV engine and due to field conditions camera might fell off.

      • Action 2 has a wide angle lens of 155 degrees. Make sure to capture videos at a rocksteady 2.0 setting. It narrows down the frame and reduces wide angle distortion.

      • Action 2's battery claims 70 minutes runtime but that is, as always, highly improbable so, if you are going to scan large vineyards make sure to buy it with battery pack or power it with Type C cable. 

    • DJI Action 3

      • Camera connects via magnetic connector, if you are going to attach camera to your vehicle with a tripod mound magnetic adapter, make sure to zip tie the camera across the holder. With excessive vibration of tractor or ATV engine and due to field conditions camera might fell off.

      • DJI claims that they have solved overheating issue. In our tests under simulated heat (vineyard season - 34 - 40C) blow to the camera, they seemed to perform normally to some extent. It varies with the usage situation.

    • If your action camera overheats please refer to this page about our recommendations. We have specially designed parts for our partners.


On the Field

  • Mount cameras on the bullbar of Tractor or ATV

  • Make sure they are steady, we don't cover losses
  • Make sure the cameras field-of-view can see all of the bunches horizontal mode. We do not process vertical videos.

  • Start recording

  • If the weather is cloudy try not to exceed 5kph. If you want to speed up to 10kph, you have to select at least 1080p and 120fps

  • If your odometer is unstable, you can use GPS Speed application on Android devices.

  • Make sure to drive every odd row if you have 2 cameras on each sides


  • If not, make sure to drive every row.

  • If you use GoPro cameras and enable GPS we are able to create trail maps like below.

  • Videos must look like something below

What to avoid when capturing videos

  • Make sure your lens is clean,

  • Horizon is level (like videos above)

  • Can see vines directly

  • If you send videos like below, we'll not be able to process them

  • No obstructions to the frame

Overall, we must be able to see what we are going to count. YieldEstimator, in essence, a counting system.

Once you captured videos


  • Upload videos from this page

  • Depending on the growth period and vine training type, we will process data for up to 2 rows of vines (usually 1 row, depending on the server workload, you can send data from as many rows as you wish)

  • We send you the results as row count & estimation

  • You compare with your ground truth (field verification)

If you are a table grape producer and have huge leaf coverage that makes bunch capturing impossible, please watch 2 videos below to send us your videos. Rest of the idea is similar but since there is less sun shine, you have to drive or walk slower.

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