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About YieldEstimator

YieldEstimator, Inc. is a registered company of Delaware, US.


Mustafa Cem ALDAG, PhD.


Celil Serhan TEZCAN, MSc.

Initial development of YieldEstimator started with DepthEstimator & DiseaseSpotter, they were developed by Tarsens R&D and its partners.


HQ Located in Balikesir, Turkey.

TARSENS Ar-Ge San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. (legal name of TARSENS R&D) Founded by Celil Serhan Tezcan and his family.

YieldEstimator is a service.

The easiest service you can get for yield estimation of your vineyards, only thing you need is a simple action camera.


Traditional yield estimation on vineyards is always done by counting buds, flowers, bunches and shoots. It takes too much time and often yields wrong results.

Yield estimation is a critical aspect of viticulture, as it allows grape growers to accurately predict the amount of fruit that will be produced in a given season. This information is crucial for the implementation of effective vineyard management strategies, including the allocation of resources such as water and fertilizer. Additionally, yield estimation provides valuable insights into the potential yield of a vineyard over the long term, allowing grape growers to make informed decisions about future grape production and wine making. Furthermore, yield estimation can serve as a useful tool for monitoring the health and productivity of a vineyard, as deviations from expected yields can indicate the presence of potential issues that may impact grape production. In conclusion, yield estimation is a crucial aspect of viticulture, as it enables grape growers to optimize their vineyard management practices and maximize grape production.


YieldEstimator has a field proven accuracy of up to 99.778%, which is a world's 1st and best accuracy for counting bunches on vineyards. When it comes to estimation of weight, we have an accuracy metric of 87% on a vineyard we have never visited in real life or got any weight metric before the estimation. All of these accuracy metrics achieved by smartphone video or action camera videos. No proprietary hardware required.

YieldEstimator uses advanced and scientifically accurate machine & deep learning powered methodologies utilized by TARSENS R&D LTD and developed by its partners. Our developers are based in Spain, Turkey, Germany, Canada, Japan and New Zealand. It is a 100% remote operation and we've the best image processing team in the world when it comes to agriculture.

To enable high accuracy counting, Occlusion Correction Factor (OCF) and Enhanced Parallax Correction (EPC) used together. OCF and EPC will be optional starting from 2023. To learn more, click here.

To test the system, you can send your own videos from Upload section or join our Free program to get yield estimations for your vineyards, up to 2 rows.

Read our Send A Video page and FAQ for camera settings, video capturing speed and other information that might become handy when you are on your vineyards.

If you want to use this system on your vineyards see our Service Providers page for more info & contacts.


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