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Crop Load

Crop Load yield estimation is a time intensive task. Considering that you hire people to calculate the yield of your orchards or you are the ones who are buying orchards produce, this task can consume up to a few weeks. And if you have the wrong numbers, you either will fall short on staff or high on yield and lose money while trying to sell the produce.

As the YieldEstimator team, with our successful traction on vineyard yield estimation, we're here to help you to achieve utmost accuracy ever devised with an AI.

You only need an action camera and rest is really easy.

Just attach GoPro Hero 10 or 11 Black action cameras to either side of your vehicle with a sturdy bike mount like these, and you are good to go.

Camera settings as follows;

  • RES&FPS: 4K 120fps

  • Lens: Wide

  • HyperSmooth: Boost

  • Protune

    • Bit Rate: High

    • Shutter: Auto

    • Ev Comp: 0

    • White Balance: 5500K

    • ISO Min: 100

    • ISO Max: 1600

    • Sharpness: Medium

    • Color: Flat

You can upload captured videos from here and we will process and notify you with the results.

This is a result based service and you will be the responsible for data collection at your speed. Pricing information varies with the type and intensity of the work.

We get GPS information from the video, so please do not cover cameras with anything.

If you have any questions please book a call.

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