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KiwiFruit yield estimation by counting

Before going to field make sure you have these

  • Phones, one or two;

    • iPhone SE 2020, 11, 12, 13 and versions ultra, pro, 5G, max etc.

    • You can use Samsung, Huawei and other devices but make sure your device has HDR & OIS video capability. Otherwise contrast change will yield different results.

  • Action camera;

    • GoPro Hero 8, 9, 10 Black

    • DJI Osmo Action

      • Must enable Rock Steady setting

      • Must disable Cinelike color profile.

      • A more affordable option but it overheats.

      • We're aware of the DJI Osmo Action's overheating and there is nothing we can do about it. You can increase the temp limit or you can opt in for GoPro Hero 8/9/10 Black (almost 2x price but it overheats after some duration too). For long term usage, you can attach a fan next to your camera with high-airflow but low vibration. Some centrifugal blower type fan from DELTA would work nicely.

    • DJI Action 2 = Not Recommended

      • Camera connects via magnetic connector, if you are going to attach camera to your vehicle with a tripod mound magnetic adapter, make sure to zip tie the camera across the holder. With excessive vibration of tractor or ATV engine and due to field conditions camera might fell off.

      • Action 2 has a wide angle lens of 155 degrees. Make sure to capture videos at a rocksteady 2.0 setting. It narrows down the frame and reduces wide angle distortion.

      • Action 2's battery claims 70 minutes runtime but that is, as always, highly improbable so, if you are going to scan large vineyards make sure to buy it with battery pack or power it with Type C cable. 

  • Mount cameras on the bullbar of Tractor or ATV

  • Make sure they are steady, we don't cover losses
  • Make sure the cameras field-of-view can see all of the bunches horizontal mode. We do not process vertical videos.

  • Start recording

  • If the weather is cloudy try not to exceed 5kph. If you want to speed up to 10kph, you have to select at least 1080p and 120fps

  • If your odometer is unstable, you can use GPS Speed application on Android devices.

  • Make sure to drive every odd row if you have 2 cameras on each sides


  • Videos must look like something below

Once you captured videos


  • Reach us at

  • We will open a google drive folder

  • You send uncompressed videos to us

  • Depending on the growth period and vine training type, we will process data for up to 2 rows of vines (usually 1 row, depending on the server workload, you can send data from as many rows as you wish)

  • We send you the results as row count & estimation

  • You compare with your ground truth (field verification)

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