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An opensource & openhardware system for capturing photos and uploading to our cloud.

Must have parts list;

  • Raspberry Pi 4 or Zero W

  • Raspberry Pi HQ Camera

  • CS Mount 2.8 or 4 or 6 or 8mm lens

  • We are not affiliated with any hardware manufacturer or reseller on this project. If you can't find raspberry pi on their official distributors, you can use Orange Pi, Banana Pi or any other equivalent Openhardware platform. Camera specifications depends on the hardware you pick. The cheapest device with an onboard camera you can use is ESP32-Cam model with internal MicroSD slot. We're working on its software.

  • 128GB Micro SD Card

  • IP 65 Box

  • 6cm x 6cm x 3mm transparent acrylic

  • Hot glue gun

  • A few hardware to mount all together

If you don't have running power

  • 10W solar panel

  • Solar - Lead Acid Battery Charger

  • 12V/6Ah Battery

  • 12V in 5V 3A out DC-DC step down

If you have a smartphone

  • Configure RPi Wifi Settings to connect to your smartphone

  • We'll provide you a FTP library & FTP details for uploading photos.


The system captures a photo in every 20 minutes, once it connects to wifi, it uploads all photos to our cloud.


Once we get your photos we process them and send you the results.

To learn more, book a call below.

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