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Enterprise Resource Planning


The VitiERP is a software system for vineyards to plan your viticultural processes from bud burst to wine.


It can estimate your yield, calculate pruning needs for shading to have the best mixture in the berries and spot diseases in your vineyards.

Yield Estimator

Yield Estimator software helps you to get most accurate and field proven yield estimation whenever you need.

Depth Estimator

Depth Estimator software helps you to get accurate pruning, shading, bunch size information whenever you need.

Disease Spotter

Disease Spotter software helps you to get accurate pest & disease information whenever you need.

Sensor Beez

Sensor Beez wireless sensor network system is compatible with VitiERP for vineyard & wine cellar environmental variable monitoring.


Wine Bottle inspection system for factories. It detects foreign objects inside the bottles and tracks the fill rate.


Leaf thinning, pruning, bunch harvesting system. In development.

Precision Insurance

Precision Insurance system is capable of extracting information at grape bunch level by counting individual bunches in the same geo-location. Just by using Commercial off the Shelf Action Cameras.

Work Track

If you are buying services from 3rd parties for your thinning and pruning practices, this is just for you! We are tracking before & after of rows and estimating the work quality!


A revolutionary data processing technoloy.






by YieldEstimator

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