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For Investors & Investor Relations

  • What is a VitiERP?

    • VitiERP is Viticultural Enterprise Resource Planning software to make your viticultural planning process more streamlined.

  • What does it include?

    • There are 3 software options, all has their sub categories & dependencies. They are called Yield Estimator, Depth Estimator and Disease Spotter.

  • What is Tarsens?

    • Tarsens R&D is Tarsens Ar-Ge San. Tic. Ltd. Sti., founded by Celil Serhan Tezcan, 2017. Based in Turkey.

  • Who is Celil Serhan Tezcan?

    • Who made all the projects on possible single-handedly.

  • Are we seeking investment?

    • Yes, because, after some point we might need to serve all the vineyards and winemakers across globe.

    • Contact for more info

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