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How to Capture Videos for

Citrus Yield Estimator

Before going to field make sure you have these

  • Phone;
    • Samsung Galaxy S10*, S20*, A52, A72, S21*, Note 10*, Note 20*

    • iPhone X*, SE 2020, 11*, 12**

 *and versions ultra, pro, 5G, max etc.


On the Field



  • Make sure you are flying between the advised wind speed limit.

  • Make sure you are at the field between 10:00 and 15:00

  • Make sure to limit flight speed at max 2m/s on smart flight modes, path flight modes and rotational flight modes.

  • Make sure the camera's field-of-view can see whole of the tree

  • Videos must look like something below


Once you captured videos


  • Reach us at

  • We will open a google drive folder

  • You send uncompressed videos to us

  • We will process data for maximum 1 tree

  • We send you the results 

  • You compare with your ground truth (field verification)


Start working with us!

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